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We ought to love one another seriously

We ought to love one another seriously

It is the Lord’s will that our response to His love should not bring us away from our brothers and sisters; on the contrary, it should bring us closer to one another. Faith in the love of God vanishes when charity vanishes.  We should love one another seriously, with...
We ought to love one another seriously

God does not save us as individuals

If a religious community is elitist, then it is anti-Christian. If the Community were to become a club and we looked at one another with approval, keeping those who are not part of the Community at a distance, then we would not be living a Christian life. We may be...
We ought to love one another seriously

The sense of sin

If you were not aware of your own sins, Jesus would be foreign to you; you would feel self-sufficient. Insofar as you feel poor, you are rich. Insofar as you feel unworthy, the Lord becomes the One who makes up for what you lack. Spiritual Exercises, Arliano 15th of...
We ought to love one another seriously

Infinite Love

It is a wonderful thing that I should remember on this day, the day of my birth, the Infinite Love of God, by which God willed from all eternity that I should come into existence; and by this Infinite Love, God wills that I should live for all eternity; my life may...
We ought to love one another seriously

The Sacramental Economy

The religious dispensation in which man lives is still a sacramental economy; if we take away the sign, then we will not be able to penetrate the Mystery of God and our minds will not be able to grasp it. Let us not forget that God, in His inner life, remains a pure...
We ought to love one another seriously

How one should celebrate Christmas

We should celebrate Christmas as a renewal not of the Birth of Jesus, but of our birth in Christ.  May Christ be truly born in us; and as Christ comes to live in us, may He take our human nature and live His very life through it. Retreat in Florence, 18th of December...